Power Quality Professionals Services

UPS equipment keeps mission critical loads operating when there are power fluctuations and outages. It’s the backbone of your data and network operating system. If your UPS fails when it’s time to support your critical load; you will experience down-time, lose data, and incur an UN-budgeted expense.

Routine Preventative Maintenance can ensure your UPS equipment remains reliable by improving your UPS’ overall performance and extending their useful life. Our service plans allow customers to be proactive; giving them the opportunity to detect potential points of failure before they become expensive problems.

Power Quality Professionals offers Nationwide service for power protection equipment supplying critical power, a more reasonable alternative to the Original Equipment Manufacturer services. We offer standard or customizable preventive maintenance service plans on all major manufacturers’ brands of UPS equipment, including single-phase and three-phase systems.

  • The Customer Care Center is staffed by knowledgeable experts to support customer needs.
  • Logistics and Parts facilities of our key UPS suppliers handle all parts needs and testing requirements, including 24-hour shipping.
  • Quality Control monitoring is in place to verify clients receive top quality service and support.

We’ll ensure your UPS equipment remains reliable while improving overall performance and extending useful life.

Maintenance Plans Options Include:

  • 24×7 or 8×5 On-Site Corrective Maintenance
  • Customer Satisfaction Reporting
  • Guaranteed Emergency Response Times (offering 2hr, 4hr, 8hr and Next Day)
  • Nationwide Field Service Coverage backed by 24×7 Service Dispatch
  • Parts & Labor for Batteries and UPS
  • PM reports including testing results with detailed recommendations in getting the UPS system back to factory specification
  • Preferred Contracted Customer Time & Material Rates for Service Outside of Coverage

UPS Services

We offer a variety of maintenance service plans to ensure all critical power supply equipment is properly serviced. On average, customers save 25% when our plans are compared to those of original equipment manufacturers. In addition, our preventative maintenance plans can be customizable to match the requirements of all brands of UPS equipment; plans ensure reliability and extend the life of your UPS equipment. Plans can be customized to meet each end user’s needs, which allows facility and IT personnel to proactively deal with potential issues and avoid expensive system failures.

Battery Services

We provide new battery installation and replacements of failing or deteriorated batteries which keep facilities ready for any power emergency. Service plans not only keep systems operating at optimal levels, but also extend the life of batteries and other system components. Monitoring the performance of systems identifies issues before they become significant and compromise system performance. Recycling batteries is not only environmentally sound; it may provide credit toward new replacement batteries.

Our Battery Maintenance Service Plans cover both sealed VRLA batteries, Lithium Ferro Phosphate and flooded/wet-cell types. They are maintained or replaced to prevent failure when they are needed most. We carry all brands of UPS batteries, including but not limited to:

  • APC
  • C&D Technologies
  • CSB
  • DEKA

Monitoring equipment allows users to detect potential issues between scheduled services. Identifying issues early allows UPS users to plan for battery replacement or services rather than waiting for a situation to become an emergency. Monitoring equipment also records data, allowing users to better grasp trends that contribute to possible system issues.

We provide Load bank testing (also referred to as Capacity Testing) per IEEE.

  • IEEE 450 for vented lead-acid batteries (VLA)
  • IEEE 1188 for valve-regulated lead-acid batteries (VRLA)
  • IEEE P2962 for lithium-ion batteries (LI-ION)

Load Bank Testing, or Capacity Testing, is the only way to accurately calculate how much runtime is left in your battery system. An unplanned outage is not the time to find out that your battery system won’t perform. Our comprehensive preventative maintenance programs are just one way to monitor the condition of your batteries. However, it is not possible to calculate battery runtime from the static readings collected during preventative maintenance visits. Load testing can help protect the manufacturer’s warranty as well.

Customers receive a full report upon completion of testing. The report details the battery tested, charger/UPS information, pretest individual cell float voltages, battery discharge performance data to the cellular level, problems uncovered during testing, and corrective action recommendations.

Battery Services are part of an overall preventative maintenance program to ensure backup power is available whenever it is required.

DC Power Services

Users of 48 volt/24 volt DC power systems for fiber, telco, and wireless applications, face unique service challenges. Power Quality Professionals provides DC Power Plant Maintenance for those systems around the country. We install equipment and provide maintenance to identify and correct problems before they become critical. We encourage all users of these systems to verify rectifier performance on a regular basis.

Routine maintenance also allows technicians to analyze all system components, from control boards to circuit breakers, to identify developing issues. Regularly scheduled maintenance eliminates hot spots and load imbalances, reducing the rate of component and system failures.