Power Quality Professionals
Power Quality Professionals
Power Quality Professionals

Providing solid and proven products and service solutions for today’s critical mission and data protection applications. We’re experienced in Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems, ranging from single phase 300VA to large 1,000kVA for all mission-critical applications. Between the principals, our electrical engineering, and our technical network experience providing over 75 years of power quality and power conditioning experience. With strong national services support channels, we deliver a proven solution to your power back-up, power distribution, and power monitoring needs.

APC by Schneider Electric (rack or tower, single phase units)
Eaton / Tripp Lite (approved IT Reseller)
Vertiv / Liebert (approved IT Reseller)
PQP Assets
Assets Under Management

Current Value As Estimated … $5,000,000

Mission Critical UPS Systems and DC battery Plants:
Electric Cooperative, AZ – 6 UPSs [Eaton 9155s + Eaton 9170s] – $125K
Hospital, NY – 3 UPS’s [GE-20kva + APC SmartUPSs] – 150K
Mfr of Building Products, AZ – 2 UPSs [Staco Firstline 80kva + 160kva] $250K
Medical Care Facilities, AZ – 1 UPS [APC Symmetra 30kva] $25K
US Army Base – MICC, GA – 3 UPSs [APC Symmetra PX – 100kva / Eaton 9355-20-30] $450K
City – IT Network, AZ – 4 UPSs [Alpha / APC Symmetra 16kva] $45K
Dept of HomeLand Security, CA – 2 UPSs [Eaton 9315-300 kva w/4 batt Cabs each] $750K
Gaming, NM – 4 UPSs [Powerware -300kva / Liebert 160kva] $900K
Casinos, AZ – 6 UPSs [Mitsubishi 30kva – 750kva] $1.1M
Aerospace Firm, AZ – 25 UPSs [Eaton 9355-30kva/LiebertNP-50kva /APCs] $1.2M


Power Quality Professionals offers professional services on a wide array of power and backup protection through servicing on a routine basis of Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS), Batteries and Power Distribution systems.

Why PQP?

Power Quality Professionals handles projects from the very inception to the full completion. We can arrange custom solutions to meet your needs with Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS), Batteries, racking, and remote communications.


Power Quality Professionals is just as the name implies. Our team of professionals have all been in the data center arena for decades and have the design skills to build critical power protection through UPSs, batteries and other accessories.

Power Quality Professionals News

2023 Arizona State Contract Award – CTR063427

This year marks our success in being awarded the Arizona State UPS Contract. This allows us to provide products and services to all State agencies, City, County, and educational entities that have collaborating agreements with the Arizona Department of Administration (ADOA). Products such as Uninterruptible Power Systems (both in rack mount single phase to large three phase units), Power Distribution, Data Center protection, and Generators to name a few. Turnkey removal and replacement of equipment is also our specialty.…

What is N+1 Redundancy in an Uninterruptible Power System?

N+1 redundancy in an Uninterruptible Power System (UPS) refers to a configuration where there is always an additional or spare UPS module available as a backup in case the main UPS module fails to function. In this configuration, the letter “N” represents a UPS module, while the “+1” indicates an extra or spare UPS module. The N+1 redundancy ensures that the load is supported by a single UPS module, and in the event of its failure, the…

What Causes Uninterruptible Power Supply Failures?

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) failures can be caused by various factors. According to a source, the following are the most common reasons for UPS failure: Battery failure: Batteries are the most common cause of UPS failure. Lead-acid batteries last between 3-5 years, while lithium-ion batteries last between 4-10 years. It is recommended to check batteries twice a year and replace them when they become bad or unusable. Capacitor issues: Capacitors should be checked annually and replaced…

Here Are Some Tips For Maintaining the Battery of an Uninterruptible Power System (UPS):

1.     Monitor UPS Batteries for Effective Emergency Back-Up: UPS batteries must be properly maintained and monitored to ensure that the UPS will work as designed when needed. Routine inspections and testing, as well as battery monitoring devices, can be utilized as part of a proper maintenance program. Just one underperforming cell will compromise the entire battery and can severely reduce UPS back up time or worse. 2.     UPS Placement, Temperature and Environment: The environment around the UPS plays an…