Power Quality Metering

Power Quality Professionals provides in-site power monitoring by Powerside. Powerside’s new cloud-based Power Security and Alert System service delivers real-time data about your facility’s power quality and consumption. In-Site delivers actionable information on events and trends which can impact the productivity and cost of your facilities operations. In-Site simplifies power analysis, presenting the critical elements in an easy-to understand format suitable from facility managers to the CFO. Persistent monitoring, with Powerside’s expertise, demystifies the information you need to ensure operations run smoothly, and to anticipate and manage adverse conditions.


Real time power display, consumption metering, demand and power factor monitoring, harmonics, imbalance, transients, ground current, comprehensive power and power quality analysis, event capture with high resolution waveform data and easy to use graphical interface.


Desktop operational oversight, demand charge and power factor management, wasted energy detection and tariff optimization, power quality trend analysis and threat detection, data-driven root cause analysis and event resolution, time of event data to manage your utility, in-plant power noise assessment and facility growth planning.