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VYCON Products

Vycon Products

VYCON is a leading manufacturer of flywheel-based energy storage systems. VYCON employs the latest technologies in power electronics, digital controls, magnetic bearings and high-speed motor generators to provide products that are reliable, long lasting and essentially maintenance free.

Providing mission critical power protection with Flywheel DC storage technology, Vycon Energy is in a class of its own. Vycon’s Flywheel is a clean energy storage and delivering when batteries fail. When it comes to power continuity, batteries are the weakest link in the power infrastructure chain. Relied upon to provide ride-through power for UPS systems, valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) batteries are unreliable, unpredictable, maintenance intensive, space intrusive, and temperature sensitive.

Using environmentally friendly energy storage from VYCON’s patented flywheel technology, the VDC-XE and the higher-current model, VDC-XE HC, are the perfect solutions for users needing a more reliable, cost-effective and greener approach to backup power in place of hazardous, lead acid based batteries used in mission-critical applications. Serving as a mechanical battery, the flywheel is a kinetic energy storage system that supports applications where batteries and other storage devices fall short.


The VYCON flywheel stores kinetic energy in the form of a rotating mass and is designed for high power, short discharge applications. VYCON’s patented technology used within the flywheel includes the flywheel hub that is formed from aerospace-grade steel, a high-speed permanent magnet motor generator, contact-free magnetic bearings that levitate and sustain the rotor during operation, and a superior touch-screen control system that provides vital information on system performance. This innovative patented technology enables the VYCON flywheel to charge and discharge at high rates for countless cycles without degradation throughout its 20-year life.

In addition, VYCON offers attractive lease-to-own options that can allow you to have a lower capital cost upfront, make yearly “usage” payments (instead of paying for battery maintenance) and own the flywheel after 5 years.

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