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Ready to evaluate solar?

  • Concerned about electric costs and future increases?
  • Interested in reducing and controlling energy costs?

Many businesses are switching to clean energy from the sun to reduce costs, guard against utility rate increases and show their environmental commitment. Commercial solar systems can be installed on rooftops, parking lots or even ground mounted. At current prices and with valuable incentives, payback periods and ROI are very attractive. Now is the time to get a no-obligation solar design and proposal.

Federal Incentive

Investment Tax Credit (ITC) offers a generous 30% incentive through 12/31/2020

State & Local Incentives

Many states and municipal governments offer additional discounts

Utility Rebates

Receive upfront payments and/or performance-based incentives

Accelerated Depreciation

Depreciate the cost of your solar investment over just 6 years

Why Mitsubishi Electric Solar Panels?

Mitsubishi Electric US, Inc., is an affiliate of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, a $40 billion company that invests $2 billion annual in R&D, including solar technology innovations. With 90+ years of electronics manufacturing expertise and 40+ years of PV experience, Mitsubishi Electric is uniquely positioned in the solar industry. Our panels are made in our own highly automated factories in Japan. Unlike most competitors, Mitsubishi Electric is highly diversified, stable and profitable. This is important when considering a long term investment and a partner that will be around to stand behind a 25 year module output warranty.

Proven Savings

Freezer & Cold Storage Warehouse in Los Angeles, CA installed in April 2011

  • Incentives and rebates reduced system cost by 80%
  • $230,000 annual electric savings*

*Actual savings may vary by location

For a no-obligation consultation and proposal on how to go solar and reduce your energy costs, contact:
Joseph Burnsworth
Power Quality Professionals, LLC
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