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Methode Products

Methode Products

Methode Active Energy Solutions


(AES) combines expertise in power electronics and lithium battery design to deliver cost-effective and efficient energy solutions for data storage, telecom, and alternative energy customers.

AES has years of experience developing custom lithium-ion battery packs and accompanying power conversion equipment for both mobile and stationary applications. Our systems feature proprietary battery management software used to monitor and control the battery pack to ensure safe, robust operation. Our experienced team provides power conversion of AC to DC, DC to DC and DC to AC, along with controls, communication, and system integration.

AES offers a variety of rack-mounted systems, from drop-in replacements for lead-acid to more sophisticated uninterruptible power supplies. Our systems contain UL-certified cells and highly efficient and rigorously validated power electronics. Originally perfected in the design of hybrid and electric vehicles, our systems are robust to thermal, mechanical, and electrical wear. Introducing the AC6000 and the DC5000 models:

  • The Methode AC6000 (see press release) is a line-interactive UPS designed to both protect IT equipment from power outages and to supplement the AC grid during peak energy consumption.
  • The DC5000 is a 48V battery in a 1U rack enclosure for any 48vdc system.


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