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Mitsubishi Products

Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc –UPS Division has selected Power Quality Professionals, LLC as their Authorized Channel Representative for the state of Arizona. Power Quality Professionals supports all the Mitsubishi Electric models: Diamondplus1100A, Diamondplus1100B, 2033A, 2033D, 2033G, 7011A, 9700, 9800AE, 9900A, 9900Aegis, 9900B, & 9900C. Historically having a strong presence in the industrial, mining and manufacturing sector with such models as , 2033A, 2033D & 2033G;  Mitsubishi Electric has expanded into scalable and modular design type UPS for the enterprise and network closet applications with the Diamondplus1100 Series (10kva -80kva by 10kva power modules).
Mitubishi Products
In May of 2014, Mitsubishi Electric released new UPS models;  Model 9900C and Model 9950A for the medium to large data center segment.  The 9900C provides 1050kva, that is over one megawatt of power, in one single UPS module.  Delivering up to 97% efficiency, it is the first true on-line double conversion UPS at this power level to feature the highest efficiency at all load levels. The 9950A model,  widely adopted in Europe and Asia, and now available to North America.   The 9950A,  produces  500kVA  and designed for 400 volt power distribution infrastructures.  The 230/400V electrical distribution infrastructure eliminates the need for expensive, heavy transformers and extra circuit breakers required for 120/208V power distribution. The higher 230/400V power scheme offers the inherent advantages of eliminating possible failure points (circuit breakers), occupying less overall floor space (no transformers required), and increasing efficiency through increased power delivery.  Specifically for systems incorporating 380VAC, 400VAC and 415VAC four-wire installations at 50 or 60 Hz.

Mitsubishi 9900C UPS

Mitsubishi 9900C

Our 9900C UPS Model provides

Design: True On Line Double Conversion IGBT Design

Ratings: 1050kVA, 1000kW

Voltage Options: Input – 480vAC Three Phase, Three Wire, Output – 480vAC Three Phase, Three Wire


  • Tablet or SmartPhone Compatible
  • 1.1:1 Generator Compatibility
  • Can Parallel Up to 8 units
  • 65 to 100kAIC options
  • <3% Harmonic Distortion At 100% Load
  • Front LCD Display
  • 3 Year Full Warranty (Parts and Labor)
  • Up to 97% Efficiency


Mitsubishi 9950A UPS

Mitsubishi 9950A

For High-Density Data Centers, Our 9950A UPS Model provides:

Design: Ture On Line Double Conversion IGBT Design

Ratings: 500kVA, 450kW

Voltage Options: Input – 380V, 400V, 415V Three Phase, Three Wire, Output – 380V, 400V, 415V Three Phase, Four Wire


  • Reflected Current THDi 5% max at 100% load (no input filter required)
  • Efficiency (AC/AC) up to 96%
  • LCD Touch Panel for Monitoring
  • Frequency 50 & 60 Hz
  • Power Factor .9
  • Protection Class IEC-IP20
  • 2 year full Warranty (parts & labor)
  • Can Parallel Up to 8 units


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